What Can I Buy Low and Sell High

Best Way to Make Money by Buying and Selling

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19. Apr 2021
What Can I Buy Low and Sell High

Buying at the lowest price and selling high isn’t a new profit-making strategy.

Renowned entrepreneurs have been using it to grow and maintain successful business empires for years. 

While the tactic sounds easy-peasy to execute, it isn’t.

You need some intimate knowledge to use it successfully.

Otherwise, it will not work for you.

Presumably, that is the reason why many entrepreneurs have never made a cut with it.

The good news is, you don’t have to enrol in a business college or buy an expensive course to become a master of buying low and selling high.

This resource has outlined everything you need to know. 


What do you need to know before you start?

Every entrepreneur has some basic knowledge of buying low and selling high.

But, the trick works for just a few.


Many entrepreneurs leave out some basics when executing this profit-making strategy. They never get the process right. 


Buy hold sell Market chart


For that reason, if you want the buying low and selling high strategy to work for your business, you’ll have to implement it appropriately.

Make sure the following basics are at your fingertips before considering yourself a master of buying low and selling high.

  • Understand the actual definition of buying low and selling high
  • Find products you can sell easily
  • Know places to buy at the lowest price possible
  • Appraise your items at a high but fair price
  • Advertise your products better than competitors
  • Master the art of flipping
  • Make use of the online marketplace


What buy low, sell high means

Buying low and selling high isn’t rocket science.

It is a simple profit-making strategy whereby you purchase products at the lowest price possible and then sell them at a reasonably high price. 


Think about profit

Typical business strategies focus on three primary objectives; outwitting competitors, getting more customers, and generating more sales. 

Buying low and selling high is quite different from these ordinary profit-generating master plans. 

It focuses more on making maximum profits more than anything else. When done right, a few sales will generate enough profits to scale up your business smoothly.




Best things to buy and sell for profit

Undeniably, narrowing down to a product with high demand and a reasonable profit margin is a tricky affair.

You will always find an established business selling the product you are eyeing. 

Don’t feel demotivated when you encounter such a situation.

Even the successful entrepreneurs you see around were once in your shoes.

They made it out by settling on products that solve an existing pain point. 

With such products coupled with creative marketing, you won’t take long to start selling and earning a profit. If you lack a particular choice in mind, here are some products you ought to consider. They have a huge demand and a reasonable profit margin. 


Jewellery Phone Accessories
Children toys Power tools


What are the easiest things to sell?

Convincing someone to buy isn’t a walk in the park.

The ordeal becomes more complicated when selling products with low demand and high price tags. 

But, selling shouldn’t be too hard when dealing with high-demand products.

Such goods will sell with just a minimal marketing effort. 


House goods 

House goods-headphones

When it comes to fast-selling products, household goods take the lead.

Aussies are always looking for homeware products that can enhance their convenience and comfort at home.

Rest assured that you’ll never struggle to sell authentic home goods like consumer electronics, kitchenware, and home furnishings. 


Electrical goods

Electrical goods

While several businesses are selling electrical goods, the market isn’t saturated yet.

Still, millions of Aussies keep looking for various electrical appliances to expedite their day-to-day chores.

If you wish to outwit competitors, specialize in energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, original electronics. You can stock the electrical goods along with their replacement parts. 




With the continued growth of buildings, increasing population, coupled up with ever-changing furniture designs, Australia’s demand for office and home furniture is always high.

You can hardly struggle to make a sale as long as your furniture is stylish and long-lasting.

But, you’ll need a powerful marketing strategy to beat competitors while attracting more customers.


Sports and Exercise Equipment

Sports Equipment

Many people are investing heavily in fitness.

You will spot them in gyms working out, as well as on nature trails walking, cycling, running, or jogging.

Those who lack time to hit the gym or workout outdoors prefer doing their thing at home.

What does that mean?

There is a ready market for sports and exercise equipment.  


Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Australia is overflowing with musical talent.

Thousands of students, teens, and aspiring professionals spend their valuable time playing their favourite musical instruments, a reason why the demand for these accessories keeps rising.

With the ready market, you will need to get high-quality musical equipment, market them to the right audience, and in no time, you will be making enough sales. 


Power Tools

Power tool.

Gone are the days when people used hand tools to execute various projects.

Today, DIY enthusiasts, gardeners, contractors, woodworkers, and other technicians are replacing the old-fashioned hand tools with highly efficient power tools.

You can take advantage of this migration to start and grow your tool business.


Baby and Kid Gear

Baby and Kid Gear

Each year, around 300,000 kids are born in Australia.

This means that businesses dealing in Baby and Kid Gear have thousands of new customers to add to their existing customer base.

Many parents wouldn’t mind spending more on toys, fancy clothes, footwear, and anything that could keep their kids comfortable. 


Special edition and Designer clothes and shoes

Special edition and Designer clothes and shoes

Generally, clothes aren’t considered among the easy-to-sell products in Australia.


There are thousands of businesses selling clothes.

However, if you are into fashion so much, don’t despair. You can narrow it down to special edition and designer clothing. Since this segment has fewer business competitors, you’ll not strain too much to make sales. 


Most profitable things to flip

The popularity of flipping keeps rising day by day.

Budding entrepreneurs and seasoned investors regard it as a low-risk business that generates good profits within a short time.

No wonder everyone wants to try it.  

But, many people often ignore one truth.

Flipping items like furniture, tools, watches, books and other low-cost items will never generate those high profits associated with this form of buying low and selling high business.

Therefore, if you want to do flipping for profit, don’t just flip anything.

Go for those highly profitable items like:

  • Real estates

Flipping houses is one of the most profitable things to flip.

If done correctly, real estate flipping can make you thousands of dollars in a short span.

Into the bargain, real estate flipping can earn you some passive income in the form of rent as you wait for the right time to sell.


Real estates


  • Vehicles

Flipping vehicles is another excellent way to make huge profits quickly.

Since there is a high demand for cars of all price ranges, making a sale won’t be hard.

Besides, flipping cars has a lower risk, provided that you can spot mechanically sound vehicles independently. 




How to find products to buy and sell

Buying low and selling high doesn’t end at knowing products that sell quickly.

But, it extends to scouting for suppliers who offer products at the lowest prices possible.

This is the only way you could realise significant profit margins. 

Not sure of where to find great deals?

Here are suggestions of the best places.

  • Online wholesalers 

Online wholesalers like Alibaba, B2BHere, eBay, StyleState, Global Sources, and Wholesale Central act as the middleman between manufacturers and buyers.

With their advanced logistics, these wholesalers can ship to almost anywhere around the world. 

Online wholesalers stock products from local and international manufacturers. They are an excellent option for Australian entrepreneurs looking to stock both local and international brands. 

  • Brick and mortar wholesalers

The brick-and-mortar wholesalers are just like online wholesalers.

They stock products from different manufacturers and then resell at a lower price.

However, unlike online wholesalers, many brick and mortar wholesalers specialize in local products. Only a few have international brands. 

  • Buy directly from the manufacturer.

Buying directly from the manufacturer is an excellent alternative to bypass the middlemen who pose as wholesalers.

This means you will purchase products at the lowest prices possible.

Simply said, manufacturers are more affordable than the cheapest wholesaler.

Before you buy anything, check the price offered by the manufacturer, online wholesalers, as well as the brick and mortar stores around you.

Settle on the dealer with the lowest prices. 


How do you price items to sell?

Though the buying low and selling high strategy focuses on making profits, don’t ever let the appetite for profits mislead you into overpricing.

That would be a good recipe for business failure. 

As a result, before settling on a price, always make sure that it is favourable enough to let customers choose you over competitors.

Use the essential ideas below to settle at a fair price.

  • Understand the amount your customers are willing to spend
  • Spy on your competitors, and know the price they charge
  • Factor in the expenses you incur to buy, store, market and sell your product.
  • Determine the profit margin you want
  • Settle at a price that brings profits without sending customers away to competitors 


How to price item


How to buy and sell second-hand goods?

With the challenging economic times, many consumers are turning to cheaper second-hand items rather than the costly new items.

In fact, statistics show that one-third of the world’s consumers prefer second-hand goods to new items.

Based on the statistics, selling second-hand items will never disappoint.

Like any other products, you can sell the items through a brick-and-mortar store or at online marketplaces like:

  • Perth Classifieds
  • Amazon,
  • eBay,
  • Bonanza,
  • Craigslist,
  • Facebook Marketplace,
  • Etsy,
  • Swappa.


Since not all second-hand products will sell quickly, narrow down to those with a high demand to avoid disappointments.

Some of the hot-selling second-hand items with a lower likelihood of letting you down are:

  • Cars
  • Electronics
  • Exercise equipment
  • Furniture
  • Jewellery
  • Second-hand clothes
  • Musical instruments
  • Tools


Second hand cars Exercise equipment
Second hand clothes Musical Instruments-drums


Can you make a living by flipping things?

Flipping is a business like any other.

With the right business strategy, flipping profitable items like real estate can be a source of your living.

You can make enough dollars to settle your bills comfortably and still remain with some to save. 

Nonetheless, just like any business, flipping isn’t easy.

You risk incurring huge losses if you buy impulsively without analysing the market first.

That said, you should be extra careful before you buy any item for flipping. 


Make a living Australian money


Can you buy and sell goods without a business in Australia?

You can buy and sell goods without a business, especially when you are into business casually. 

But, if you’ve decided to pursue entrepreneurship as a serious career, you will need a registered business to buy and sell goods. 

Business registration will enhance your credibility with customers and suppliers.

Many suppliers and customers would feel more comfortable dealing with registered businesses than individuals.


Business registration


How to craft an ad that sells faster and attracts more customers

Since every entrepreneur understands the power of advertising, you have to be exceptionally unique to stand out from the competition. 

If it is your first time making an ad, or you just want to confirm if you’ve been doing it right, use the following tricks as a benchmark to create ads that stand out, draw attention, as well as convert quite easily.

  • Make A Catchy Title

A title will make your prospective customer read or pass your ad. To avoid the latter outcome, make sure that the ad’s headline is as catchy as possible.

For instance, the title can directly state how it will solve an existing problem, promise an irresistible offer, or ask a question.

  • Provide a Detailed Description of your Product

Customers use product descriptions to decide if your product is worth buying or passing.

A good one should allure customers to at least try your product.

It should detail the products’ most attractive features and explain how it will solve the customer’s pain point.

Furthermore, a good description should paint a mental picture of your actual product. 

  • Take Great Photos

A good image, coupled with a captivating description, will give your prospects the natural feel of your physical product.

As well, a picture improves click-through rates, minimises returns, and boosts customer trust.

No one will buy without seeing your product’s image.

A good product image should be a representation of the actual product.  

  • Be Responsive to Inquiries

With a catchy product title, a professional description, and high-quality product photos, prospects will start calling to make a few inquiries.

Your team should be ready to respond quickly and try to convert the leads into sales


Catchy title for the ad


Best websites to buy and sell in Australia

While brick-and-mortar stores are still popular, consumers are slowly embracing e-commerce.

So, if you wish to make more sales, you shouldn’t stick to offline business.

But, you should expand your reach to leading online marketplaces like:


It’s Time to Buy Low and Sell High

Now that you know how to find suitable products at a lower price, the marketplaces to find customers quickly, and the professional way to price your products highly, don’t wait.

Implement the buying low and selling high strategy to improve your profitability.


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