Get best profit when selling you car in Australia

How to Sell Your Car in Australia

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19. Apr 2021
Get best profit  when selling you car in Australia

Selling your car, more especially when doing it for the first time, can be stressful.

You will be wondering how to execute the process lawfully, get maximum resale value, avoid scams, as well as find a marketplace to sell it quickly.

If you’ve found yourself in such a ditch, don’t think hard.

This car-selling guide will sail you through the process.



Prepare the car for sale


Aussies are extra careful when buying cars. 

They will always avoid those with noticeable mechanical or curb issues.

In fact, a majority will go ahead and hire a trusted mechanic to help them diagnose the vehicle. 

Therefore, before you start scouting for a buyer, make sure the vehicle runs smoothly.

Get a trusted mechanic to diagnose the cars:


Fix the issues that could raise a red flag. 

Besides fixing mechanical issues, give the used car a clean cosmetic touch-up before listing it.

Clean its exterior and interior thoroughly, and replace worn-out upholstery. Just make sure the vehicle looks its best.

An excellent first impression will increase the chances of selling your car quickly. 


Fixing car Cleaning the car
Cleaning car Mechanic fixing a car


Get your documents in order

Even with a mechanically sound and visually appealing car, believe us, no one will buy it without all the necessary documents.

Prospects will use them to ascertain that the vehicle belongs to you.

Also, you and your customer will need the documents to facilitate the transfer of ownership.

You will need three mandatory documents when selling the car.

The car’s original registration document proves:

  • that you own the vehicle
  • an original sales contract that shows the car’s original specifications,
  • an original notice of disposal. 


As a bonus, you can get your vehicle’s maintenance records to show the buyer that you’ve been taking good care of the car.


Car ownership documents



Advertising plays a core role in selling your car.

It informs prospects that you are selling your vehicle, and it persuades them to buy.

In simple terms, you cannot sell a used car without an advert. 

If you wish to sell quickly, craft an advert highlighting:

  • the car’s make
  • model
  • trim version
  • body style
  • mileage
  • year of manufacturing
  • colour


Remember to accentuate the modifications and extra features you added to the car. 

Besides the vehicle specifications, state your asking price, the reason for selling, and the car’s current condition.

Let the prospective buyer know if they can negotiate the price and or schedule a test drive.  

An advert isn’t complete without high-resolution photos of the car on sale.

Buyers will need the images to evaluate the vehicle visually before scheduling an actual inspection.


  • the car’s interior
  • engine compartment
  • dashboard
  • exterior.



Advertising Advertising


Car Markets and Buyback Guarantees

Australia has hundreds of online and offline marketplace to sell your car.

But, since it isn’t practical to list your vehicle on every platform, you’ll have to narrow it down to marketplaces that will guarantee quick sales. 

Gurus who’ve been in this trade for quite a long period recommend online classifieds sites as the best places to sell used vehicles like:


Car dealership


With millions of customers on classifieds, you’ll not take long to get to seal your deal. 

Besides listing your car on classifieds or online marketplaces, you can sell the car to dealerships or auctions. While these options may not guarantee a good resale value, they will buy your car almost instantly.

Some dealerships will give you a chance to trade in your next dream car. Some dealerships will also provide you with a buyback guarantee to save you from the hassle of selling your next vehicle independently. 

Before you sell that car, note that timing matters a lot. Expert car resellers recommend that you lay low during winter and after major holidays. At these times, bargain hunters looking for the cheapest deals often dominates Australia’s car market. 



Determining a reasonable resale price for your car isn’t straightforward. In fact, if you aren’t careful, you could end up losing a valuable amount due to underpricing or potential buyers due to overpricing.

Do you wish to avoid both scenarios?

If yes, use Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds appraisal tools to get a vehicle’s rough resale price.

Afterwards, adjust the price according to your car’s condition, mileage, and the ideal market price for similar vehicles. 

If you still find it hard to settle on a realistic price, hire a car valuation expert to give you a more accurate resale price. 


Pricing a car Pricing a car


FAQ-Solutions to Selling Your car in Australia Concerns

Is it illegal to buy cars and resell them?

It isn’t illegal to buy and resell cars in Australia.

However, suppose you are buying and selling vehicles as a business.

In that case, you will need a Motor Vehicle dealer’s license to carry out this trade legitimately.

Doing it without a permit could expose you to hefty penalties and fines. 


How profitable is buying and selling cars?

buying and selling cars

You can earn anything above 20% of profits from selling cars.

The profits tend to depend on your marketing prowess, reputation, as well as the type of vehicles you sell.

Reputable car resellers with years of experience are likely to make huge profits since they make thousands of sales a year.

However, just like any business, buying and reselling cars has its fair share of risks.

For instance, if you hold used cars for too long, their price will depreciate.

That means you will sell the vehicles at a loss. 


How do you start buying and selling a car?

Like any business, buying and selling cars isn’t something you would do on a whim.

The business needs proper research, adequate finances, and proper preparation.

If you already feel like you are truly ready to take the challenge, here are ideas to jet you off.

  • Draft a business plan
  • Look for an ideal business location
  • Register your dealership business
  • Secure the correct licenses and permits
  • Advertise your business


What is the best way to sell a car privately?

Car buy

Ideally, you can sell your car offline to dealerships and auctions or online on classifieds and marketplaces.

While both offline and online markets serve the purpose, selling your vehicle online stands the most ideal.

It exposes your car to a broader audience, and it gives you the freedom to sell your car from anywhere. 


Wrapping it up

Selling your car privately is an excellent option to maximise the amount you would get from your old or used vehicle.

While many people think that the ordeal is stressful, it isn’t.

You will need to fix all issues in your car, write a killer advert, and then list it online.

It won’t take long before an interested customer shows up. 


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