Breaking the Myths around Second Hand Electronics

Is There a Market for Used Electronics?

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19. Apr 2021
Breaking the Myths around Second Hand Electronics

Selling second-hand items ranks among the most lucrative businesses anyone can start.

But when it comes to used electronics, many entrepreneurs tend to steer clear of these products.


Some think that there is no market for used electronics, and others feel like the demand for pre-owned electronics is too low.

But, in the real sense, used electronics are just like any other second-hand items. 

Sellers can make huge profits so long as they are willing to use logic rather than myths to run their businesses.

If you are a seller who wishes to change their mindset regarding second-hand electronics, here is the information you need to make rational decisions.


What is considered to be an electronic device?

Electronic devices are powered gadgets designed to enhance comfort and convenience at home or office.

There are thousands of such devices in the world.

The most common appliances recognised as electronics include:

  • Computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Gaming consoles
  • Washing machines
  • TVs, DVD players, and speakers
  • Fans
  • Fitness trackers
  • Watches
  • Cameras
  • Refrigerator


Old Laptop Old mobile phones
mega-drive old electronics Used washing-machine


Is there a market for old electronics?

A good number of entrepreneurs believe that there is no market for second-hand electronics.


They think consumers prefer new electronics to old ones.

But, the truth is, pre-owned electronics have a large market online and offline. 

You can sell them on online marketplaces like:

  • Perth Classifieds
  • Amazon
  • Swappa
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Decluttrr
  • Bonanza
  • Gumtree
  • Newegg.


record-player old electronics


Millions of customers flock here searching for used electronics in excellent working condition. 

Besides the online marketplace, you could sell your used electronics offline in pawnshops and second-hand items stalls. 


How do I sell my old electronics?

Ask anybody who relies on rumours, and they will tell you that selling second-hand electronics is hard.

They support their allegations using two myths. 

One, competitors who deal in new electronics will always outdo you.

Two, marketing your used products to consumers who prefer new ones is hectic.

But, this trade is as straightforward as selling any other used item. 

Thousands of bargain hunters will not mind choosing a functional second-hand electronic over a costly new model. 

Remember, consumers will judge your products by looks before they proceed to check them out.

Therefore, before you put up your items for sale, make sure they look great.

Clean them, gather all their peripherals, fix noticeable cosmetic issues, and pack them appropriately.

If you are selling online: 

  • Choose the most appropriate marketplace.
  • Set up your seller account
  • Craft a killer product description
  • Take high-resolution photos of your electronic and its peripherals
  • List the electronic appliance in the correct category
  • Set a reasonable price
  • Respond to inquiries quickly


Where to purchase second-hand electronics at affordable prices?

Since there are no suppliers for used electronics, you will have to buy directly from private sellers.

They are way cheaper than pawnshops or second-hand item sellers.

Where will you find the independent sellers? 

  • Classifieds

Searching on Classifieds

Classifieds is the number one place to find the cheapest deals on second-hand electronics.

These online platforms have thousands of private sellers looking to dispose of their pre-owned items when moving, decluttering, or upgrading.


  • Yard sales and Auctions

Yard sale

Besides classifieds, you can find the best bargain deals in yard sales and auctions.

Many individual sellers prefer these offline platforms to bypass the arduous process of listing items on classifieds.




Where is the best place to sell second-hand electronics?


Many people claim that finding a market for second-hand electronics is a challenging mission.

But that isn’t true. Like new electronics, there are several places where you could list your pre-owned electronics to make a sale.

  • Perth Classifieds

When selling used electronics, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of options.

But with Perth classifieds by your side, you can find a buyer that’s right for you.

Perth classifieds is a website that allows you to buy and sell used electronics easily. With a wide selection of listings to choose from, you can find just what you want, when you want it.

The site makes it easy to search for items locally. You can filter them based on price range, features, and even brand name.

  • Amazon

With millions of customers from Australia and the rest of the world, Amazon is the number one marketplace for used electronics.

Since most consumers on Amazon come looking for electronics, you will have great chances of selling your products quickly. 

  • eBay

With 183 million customers, eBay is another excellent marketplace for your second-hand items.

Like Amazon, this marketplace won’t restrict your business to just one locality. It will let you sell your used electronics to customers from every part of the world. 

  • GumTree

Different from Amazon and eBay, GumTree does not charge a listing fee.

It is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who wouldn’t want to lose part of their profits as sellers’ fee.

Gumtree has over 7 million Australian consumers waiting to buy your used electronic gadgets. 

  • Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is slowly taking over Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces.

It allows you to sell your products online to the local community around you.

It will therefore save you from the headache associated with shipping. Sellers don’t pay a listing fee to sell here. 

  • Kogan Marketplace

Though less famous, this marketplace has a platform where you can sell all sorts of second-hand electronics like computers, phones, cameras, headsets, and virtually all electronics.

It has more than 8 million Australian customers.

  • Brick-and-mortar stores

You don’t have to sell your pre-owned electronics online.

But, you can sell them in physical stalls downtown or pawnshops.

This option will save you from the stiff competition associated with selling on marketplaces, as well as the hassle of shipping products to customers who stay far away.


Old electronics Used Camera


Where can you sell your used electronics for free?

Selling your used electronics on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay seems like an excellent way to sell quickly.

Though there is a catch—you will have to part with a few dollars before completing a deal.

If you feel like marketplaces are reducing your profits significantly, the following options will come in handy. They will let you list your items freely.

And the good thing is, these free marketplaces are as good as the paid ones. 

  • Perth Classifieds 
  • Gumtree
  • Facebook marketplace


Do pawn shops buy electronics?

Many pawn shops are well known for selling pre-owned electronic gadgets that they get from individual sellers.

However, many pawnshops have a terrible reputation for buying used items at an unreasonably low price.  


Getting a fair price for your second-hand electronics

So you are ready to sell your pre-owned stuff, but you don’t know how to price them?

Don’t do it blindly.

You could end up under-pricing or overpricing easily.

The way out?

Follow the 50 30 10 rule. 

This pricing guideline dictates that you sell nearly new items for 50% of their retail price.

Fairly used items will cost 30% of their retail price, while those that are well worn will cost around 10% of their retail price.

You can always adjust the prices to suit your needs. 


Pricing strategy


Product safety 

Product safety is one of the biggest myths surrounding pre-owned electronics.

A majority of sellers feel like used devices are less safe, non-warranted, and potentially defective.

They fear consumers wouldn’t want to buy an electronic with such qualities. 

While these worries hold some truth, many people exaggerate them.

So, don’t let them derail your business plans. 

Instead, use these genuine insights to make quick decisions regarding the safety of used electronics. 


Safety first


Is it safe to buy used electronics?

Safe unsafe button

Many fairly used electronics are safe to use.

However, if you doubt their safety, you can always get a technician to diagnose the electronics and fix possible issues.

It will cost you just a few dollars to make them safer.

That way, you will save your reputation, as well as boost customer trust.




Device warranty

Device warranty


Original warranties work in a limited time and scope.

Suppose the warranty of the second-hand item you are buying has already depleted; the manufacturer won’t cover your customers against resultant damages. 

Nonetheless, if you really feel like a warranty will give you a competitive advantage against rivals, organise for an extended warranty. 


Defective product

Defective product

For an extended period, people have branded second-hand electronics as potentially defective.

Though, this isn’t the case always.

You can get electronics in good working condition.

Just make sure you test appliances before buying to avoid defective ones. 



Used electronic products come without packaging


Sure many pre-owned electronic products come without packaging.

Though, that shouldn’t scare you.

Many customers, more so those who buy offline, wouldn’t mind keeping an excellent electronic gadget a pack. 

However, if you serve choosy customers or you are looking to ship your electronics, you will need an appropriate package for your items.  


How old is too old?

Like any consumer product, electronics weren’t designed to last forever.

There is a time they will be too old to sell.

Basically, you would consider an electronic to be to worn out if it has unsightly dents, scratches, cracks, and other aesthetic blemishes that cannot be fixed easily. 


Time to sell


Wrapping it up

Selling second-hand electronics isn’t a bad idea, as many people think.

When done right, this trade can bring in huge profits.

But, like any other business, selling used electronics needs a tactic.

Find places to buy cheaply, make sure the electronics work well, clean them, and list them on reputable marketplaces.

Don’t let myths derail you from pursuing this business opportunity. 


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