Most Charming Beaches in Perth 

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13. Mar 2021
Most Charming Beaches in Perth 

Based on the Indian Ocean’s coastline, Perth is home to the world’s most immaculate beaches. That’s why the city charms thousands of swimming, surfing, snorkelling, sunbathing, and boating fanatics each day. 

Then again, if your holiday won’t allow you to explore each beach in Perth, you’ll likely find it hard narrowing down your focus to one that vibes most. This list features some of the most idyllic spots to try out.

Scarborough Beach

» It is approximately 20 minutes away from the city centre «

With a regular swell, a long expanse of white soft sands, and a busy nightlife, Scarborough beach is the go-to destination for teens, and beach bums who want more than the daytime beach fun. 

At Scarborough, you can spend your daytime as you enjoy the ocean's cool breeze:

  • swimming,
  • surfing,
  • or strolling on the shores as you enjoy the ocean's cool breeze.


If you want a break off the sands, you can find something fun to do at the beach’s skating park, outdoor amphitheatre, and at the playground.

The facilities offer endless opportunities for fun outdoor activities


Scarborough Beach, Perth, WA


When dusk sets in, organise a picnic on the beach’s grassed lawns with BBQs, or wine and dine at your favourite restaurant nearby. If you still need some water fun, Scarborough beach has a geothermally heated public pool for you. 


City Beach

» City Beach is a 15-minute drive from Perth City «

City beach has stunning stretches of:

  • white sands,
  • neatly landscaped lawns,
  • and modern recreational facilities.


It is a great getaway spot for:

  • beach walkers,
  • body surfers,
  • families,
  • snorkelers,
  • and sundowners. 


This beach has two groynes that reduce the longshore drifts that could complicate your swimming, surfing, or snorkelling experience.

It is, therefore, a charming, chilling spot for less experienced watersport lovers.

Surf lifesavers keep patrolling the swimming area to oversee the safety of each beach user–no drowning or struggling with unexpected heavy tides on your own.  


City Beach Perth, Perth, WA


Away from the sands and blue waters, City Beach has splendidly landscaped lawns with picnic tables and public barbeques for visitors who wish to host low-key events.

Also, the beach has playgrounds where kids enjoy various outdoor events. 

If you want to feel the ocean's cool breeze, take a seat at the beach's dining restaurant overlooking the waters.

Here you will get spectacular views of the water, as you watch the sunset behind the Indian Ocean. A glass of the restaurant's award-winning Western Australian wine will keep you refreshed throughout. 


Port Beach

» It is a 30-minute drive from southern Perth «

Located at Fremantle, a popular tourist hub, Port Beach is an excellent destination for:

  • stand-up paddleboarders,
  • ocean swimmers, beach walkers,
  • and surfers.


Port Beach, Perth, WA


It boasts:

  • soft white sands,
  • patrolled swimming area,
  • spectacular views of Rottnest Island,
  • and beautiful sunsets. 


An enclosed playground near this beach will give kids endless fun and play.

The water’s weak waves make the beach an ideal swimming place for kids, seniors, and adults with low to moderate swimming experience. 

For low-key dining, visit the beach's kiosk for snacks and refreshments, or the Coast Port Beach Restaurant where you can order sweet local delicacies. If you dislike overcrowding, visit the beach early in the morning since it attracts several locals in the evenings. 


Trigg Beach

» It is a 20-minute drive away from Perth City «

Trigg Beach is the uncontested king for experienced surfers and swimmers with:

  • strong waves,
  • undertows,
  • and rips


Trigg Beach, Perth, WA


It has a surf club for starters who would want to train under professionals or somewhat experienced ones who wish to hone their surfing skills. 

Either way, the beach isn't a no go zone for less experienced swimmers.

You can pass your time walking or jogging on the beach’s firm sand as you admire the blue-green waters. You might spot bottlenose dolphins, pied cormorants, crested terns, and silver gulls as you stroll around.

This surfing beach has a kiosk for snacks and refreshments, a restaurant where you can dine or wine, grassed areas with barbeques, and a secure car park with ample space. 


Cottesloe Beach

» The Cott beach is a 15-minute drive from Perth «

Cottesloe Beach rivals Scarborough beach as a favourite seaside destination for families.  It brags of a 0.6-mile stretch of pure sand, and low-tide waters.

It is friendly to:

  • swimmers,
  • surfers,
  • and snorkelers of all experience levels.


This beach has three sections:

  • the main beach, an ideal spot for swimming and strolling,
  • Peters Pool, a great snorkelling spot, 
  • South Cottesloe, the right place for snorkelling and kite surfing.


Cottesloe Beach Perth, WA


Off the beach, Cottesloe welcomes visitors with a wide grassed field, shaded by Norfolk pine trees to give you an enchanting picnic atmosphere. The grassed area overlooks the ocean’s blue waters, and the giant pines are home to some rare bird species. 

Its shoreline has classy family restaurants where you can dine as you enjoy beautiful sunsets and spectacular views of the Indian Ocean.

Its classy seaside hotels and serviced apartments offer plenty of accommodation choices.


Swanbourne Beach

» It is 20 minutes away from town «

Swanbourne beach has two recreational spots, and each is suitable for different beach fanatics.

The southern part has low waves and a wide beach.

It is excellent for:

  • families,
  • sunbathers,
  • swimmers and
  • walkers.


Swanbourne Beach, Perth, WA


The beach’s clothes-optional northern side is suitable for nudists

Since it is away from public view, naturalists will sunbathe, stroll, and enjoy sweeping views of the ocean as they enjoy their privacy away from prying eyes. 

Swanbourne beach has grassed areas for picnics and other fun outdoor activities, and a café where you can refresh and dine after a day of swimming, walking or basking.

Before leaving the beach, pass by the gift shop and get souvenirs for loved ones. 


South Beach

» It is half an hour drive away from Perth’s CBD «

The South Beach Perth has:

  • extensive grassy lawns,
  • plenty of public barbecues,
  • and towering pines.


It's a great destination for:

  • group events,
  • picnics,
  • other low-key gatherings.


Its facilities are accessible to people with special needs.

With calm waters, South Beach is friendly for:

  • inexperienced swimmers,
  • kayakers,
  • and stand-up paddleboarders.


Its favourable conditions make it a suitable space to enhance your confidence in various water activities.


South Beach Perth, WA


It wouldn't be ideal for adventurous swimmers and surfers. 

South Beach's full-size sports hub offers plenty of fun out of water.

You can play volleyball, wheelchair basketball, and roller hockey.

It is close to multiple dining and shopping facilities where you can refresh after a busy fun day.

The famous Fremantle Cappuccino Strip is a stroll away from the beach. 


Bathers Beach

» It is approximately 30 minutes away from Perth's central business district «


Concealed in a less frequented place, Bathers Beach is the place you would go whenever you want a secluded vibe.

Its calm waters are great for less experienced sea swimmers, paddlers, and kite surfers who aren’t ready for a challenge.


Bathers Beach, Perth, WA


The Bathers Beach is home to Kidogo Arthouse, a popular metropolitan gallery with unique pieces of art from Western Australia's most celebrated designers, sculptors, photographers, and painters.

It is a must-visit destination for many art tourists.  

The beach’s shoreline has plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Here you will dine and refresh as you watch:

  • the ocean’s calm waters, 
  • beautiful sunset, 
  • people swimming,
  • paddling,
  • and kite-surfing.


Rottnest Island

Locally known as Rotto, Rottnest is a low-lying island with:

  • clear calm waters,
  • plenty of marine life,
  • 63 soft sand beaches.


It is a favourite summer spot for weekend pilgrimages and anyone who wants a relaxing getaway out of the busy city life.


Rottnest Island, Perth, WA


You can access the island through ferry services, or if you want some adventure, take a plane at Geronimo, and skydive into the island.

Geronimo’s seasoned instructors will help you skydive and land safely.

At the island, you will experience the thrill of rare animal species like quokkas and humpback whales.

Unlike the ordinary beaches, at Rotto you can scuba dive to explore shipwrecks or discover several treasures hidden on the ocean floor.


Other Hidden Gems to Discover in Perth

Perth isn’t just rich in sandy beaches. But it has several hidden gems that would give you a rich vacation experience. Here are some of the less-explored gems to include in your upcoming vacation list:

  • Alfred Cove

Alfred Cove, Perth, WA

Alfred Cove bird migratory corridor is great for people who love sightseeing. Here you will watch over 140 species of international and local birds. You will spot wading birds at this hidden game, a long-legged water bird that comes from as far as Siberia, Asia, and Mongolia.  You will also spot the red-necked stints that fly from the Arctic Siberia in search for conducive breeding grounds in Western Australia. 

  • Heirisson Island

Described as Perth City's best-kept secret, this hidden gem is home to friendly kangaroos that wouldn’t mind a pat or a selfie. Moreover, the island offers excellent views of Perth's skyline, picnic tables at the Swan River banks, and walk trails where you can stroll as you admire the island's beautiful flora and fauna. 

  • Fremantle Prison Tunnel

Fremantle Prison Tunnel, Perth, WA

Are you looking for adventure? If yes, the Fremantle prison tunnel will give you that adrenaline rush you want. Built 20 meters underground, this tunnel has a series of bores, and holes built by chained prisoners looking for fresh water. Since the tunnels are hard to navigate, you will get guides onsite to walk you through the tunnel, as they shed some light on this hidden gem’s history.   

  • Garden Island

Located off Rockingham’s coast, this isolated island has a forested area that is great for adventure and sightseeing. Its sandy beaches are great for snorkelling. However, visitors can only visit the island between sunrise and sunset. You cannot spend a night on this island since it seats on a naval base. 

  • Mettams Pool

Mettams Pool, Perth, WA

Mettams isn’t a pool per se. But, it is a beach with pool-like conditions. It is friendly for kids, the elderly, and less experienced swimmers. Perhaps, this is why it isn’t lifeguard-patrolled. Besides swimmers, snorkelers often visit this joint since it has plenty of marine life to discover.  


What is the best beach in Perth for families?

Cottesloe Beach Perth, WA


While there are a host of family-friendly beaches in Perth, Cottesloe stands as the best. It has gentle waves which are ideal for less experienced swimmers, several playgrounds for off-beach fun, and classy cafes. It is patrolled by lifeguards.

With the beach’s Indiana Teahouse, neatly manicured grassy lawns, and stunning Norfolk pines, you can easily mistake this beach for a resort. No wonder, it stands among Perth’s most frequented and photographed beaches

What are Perth beaches famous for?

Perth Beaches, Western Australia

Most Perth beaches boast of soft white sands and clear turquoise blue waters. Their sight set the mood for beachside fun naturally. Each beach in Perth has something for everyone. Some have biking trails for cycling enthusiasts, grassed laws for picnics, public barbeques for foodies, and classy restaurants for diners. One can hardly miss something that favours them when lazing on the shores. 


What’s more?

Many beaches in Perth are just a few minute drives away from the city centre. You can easily access them through public transport, hired cabs, or cycling. Some are accessible by foot.

How many beaches does Perth have?

Perth is the capital of beaches, and that is no lie. Its 80-kilometre coastline has 19 beaches which are open to the public all year long. They are fully patrolled and have all the beachside facilities you would need to have a complete beachside experience.

What is the most excellent beach in Australia?

Whitehaven Beach

Queensland’s Whitehaven Beach stands as the most excellent beach in Australia. With 98% pure silica white sand, coupled with clear, uncontaminated waters, Whitehaven beach has a reputation as the world’s most pure beach. It is the cleanest in Queensland and the most eco-friendly worldwide. 

Its low tides are friendly to swimmers of all experience levels. Though it has fewer beachside facilities, you won't miss something to keep you thrilled. Marathons, long table events, proposals, and weddings are common at Whitehaven beach. 

Time to Prepare For Your Next Beachside Trip

If you've been looking for the best beachside for a relaxing getaway, we guess that you already know the right destination. You can brighten-up your beaching experience by visiting those hidden gems in Perth.


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