Free Things to Do in Perth

Must-See & Do: Best Free Things to Do In and Around Perth

Western Australia
13. Mar 2021
Free Things to Do in Perth

With pristine beaches, vibrant city life, beautiful walking trails, and great city parks, Perth has something for everyone. While many people think that they have to spend to access these joints, that isn’t the case. You can access most without spending. Here are the top favourites to discover on your next holiday. 


•Spend a lazy afternoon in Kings Park•

Overlooking Perth's Central Business District, Kings Park and Botanic Gardens stand as the best joint to get a break from the busy city life.

Its vast bushland has several walking trails where you can go strolling for leisure or fitness as you admire Western Australia’s fauna and flora along the way. You aren’t restricted to just walking, but you can also cycle through the trails. 


Cycling in Kings Park, Perth, Australia WA


Kings Park offers picturesque views of Perth city’s skyline, the meandering Swan River, forest canopy, Indian Ocean’s blue waters, and Mount Eliza escarpment. The park’s DNA tower and Lotterywest Federation walkway offer the best views.  

With grassed venues, beautiful gardens, and free barbeques, this park offers the perfect climate for picnicking or hosting parties. In fact, you can hold small events of up to 25 attendees without special permits.


•Catch an Indian Ocean beach sunset•

Beach Sunset in Perth, WA

Strategically, located on Australia’s western coast of the Indian Ocean, Perth is, without a doubt, the best place to watch the sun setting over the ocean. Since this city has several sunset viewing spots, here is a narrowed list of those that would offer the most glorious sunsets.

  • Cottesloe Beach

The Cott isn't just famous for swimming, snorkelling, and surfing, but it is also an excellent spot for watching sunsets. It has grassed yards with sitting areas where you can chill peacefully as you wait for the sun to go down. 

  • Rottnest Island

Blessed with several pristine beaches, stunning water, and a casual atmosphere, Rottnest Island is another excellent spot to watch the sun lighting the majestic sky with streams of orange rays. Even though there are several viewing points on this island, Geordie bay ranks as the best. 

  • City Beach

Featuring landscaped lawns with picnic tables overlooking the Indian Ocean, City Beach is another best free spot to watch the large orange sun go into the Indian Ocean. If you arrive early, stroll around its vast expanse of white sands as you wait for dusk to set in.   


•Take a stroll around Elizabeth Quay•

Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Western Australia

Built on Swan River banks, the Elizabeth Quay precinct has several gems to discover as you stroll around. You can start your stroll at the suspended bridge to enjoy sweeping views of Swan River and Perth City skyline.  

Then, head to the BHP Water Park to enjoy the views of choreographed water jets. You can take a seat at the park's tired decking to relax as you enjoy the views. If you need a relaxed environment, head to the precinct's Promenade and relax under the towering trees. 

End your free tour at The Landing, a premier public place that welcomes visitors with Christian de Vietri's nonchalant Spanda artwork. Here, you will catch free concerts and great sporting events


•Watch the world go by at Yagan Square•

If you want to chill within the city’s CBD, Yagan Square has got you covered. It is an inviting place for meeting, dining, and relaxing. It has green spaces and native gardens, where you can relax, host outside parties, or play with family and friends. 

Yagan Square, Perth WA

If you are in the company of kids, the square’s kids’ playground will give them plenty of fun and play.

They can enjoy:

  • sliding,
  • crawling through tunnels,
  • as well as engage in outdoor water activities.


After a busy day, you can check into Yagan's amphitheatre to catch free performances from Western Australia's aboriginal dancers and singers.

You can also relax in the square's shaded areas. The square offers a range of experiences all-round-the-clock.


•Enjoy a walk or picnic along the picturesque Swan River foreshore•

Swan River, Perth, Western Australia

Spanning from Perth to Fremantle, Swan River's foreshore sets a charming outdoor atmosphere for picnics and walks. This foreshore has dual cycling and walking track for locals and visitors who want to keep fit as they admire the river’s views on the city side.

If you aren’t in the mood for cycling or walking, the foreshore has playgrounds where you can relax or picnic. Spice up your experience by preparing an outdoor BBQ dinner for loved ones who joined you at the foreshore. 

Swan River foreshore is home to The Bell Tower, a popular campanile. Board the tower’s glass lift, and head up to the tower’s viewing platform to enjoy sweeping views of the Darling Range, Swan River, and the entire Perth City.

It is open to the public. 


•While away your time in the Bohemian Port City of Fremantle•

Fishing in Fremantle, Perth

Just 30 minutes away from Perth City, the Bohemian Port of Fremantle begs to be explored. Whether you want beachside fun, dine on exotic delicacies, or you want a peaceful place to relax, Fremantle has something for you. 

Fremantle City Center's outskirt has several calm beaches that are great for

  • walking,
  • sunbathing,
  • swimming,
  • photography,
  • sunset watching,
  • and picnicking. 


Many of them have beachside lawns to unwind after a busy beach day. 

If you aren’t into beachside fun, get a fishing rod and bait, and then find your way to Fremantle’s South Beach or Swan River foreshore. Here, you might be lucky to catch a squid, fish, or some crabs for dinner.

For tranquil getaways, Esplanade Reserve would be an ideal chilling spot. It has tall Norfolk pines and parkland areas where you can sit and relax peacefully. You can even host your outdoor events at Esplanade’s parkland. 


•Spend the afternoon sampling the Swan Valley's best wines•

Recognised as Australia’s second oldest wine region, Swan Valley is home to Australia’s respected vineyards and wineries. It is an ideal destination for wine connoisseurs who wouldn’t mind sampling different wines, as they stroll through beautiful vineyards.

Wine sampling at Swan Valley, Perth

Swan’s wineries sit along a 32-kilometre loop.

So, you can visit a majority within a day.

However, it is worth noting that there are fewer public transport vehicles to this location. That said, have a rented or personal car standby as you plan your day out.

On a material day, pick the valley’s map from Swan Valley Visitor Centre, and use it to find your way around the loop.  Besides picking the map, the award-winning visitor centre collaborates with a team of experts who know the valley better. The experts will give you the advice you need to have a comfortable tour around the valley.


•Perth Hills Wine Region: So close to the city but a world away•

Swan Valley isn't the only wine region in Perth. It rivals the Perth Hills Wine Region, a perfect escape where you will get spectacular views while treating yourself to high-quality, locally produced wines.

Perth Hills Wine Region

It is a 30-minute drive away from Perth's heart. 

Though close to the city, this wine region has forested valleys that offer a real break out of the bustling urban life. 


It has stunning views of

  • hills,
  • waterways,
  • and valleys.


The region has mazes of walk trails to let visitors connect with the region’s unique flora and fauna. No wonder, many visitors flock here to enjoy a secluded getaway. 


•Visit the Art Gallery and explore the Perth Cultural Centre•

Perth Cultural Centre, WA

With a vibrant mix of festivals, arts, local delicacies, and entertainment, the Perth Cultural Centre is another excellent location to relax without going out of the city. It has a theatre for live performances, plenty of open spaces to relax, a museum strip, and public artworks. 

If you want to see a bit of green, visit the Perth Cultural Centre’s urban orchard, a thriving garden with plenty to see, or relax at The Native Wetland, a quiet, peaceful chilling spot.   

The art gallery is part of Perth’s Cultural Centre. It has a fascinating array of:

  • paintings,
  • sculptures,
  • modern prints,
  • and digital art exhibitions that date as far as the 1820s.


They showcase the beautiful history of Western Australia.


•Take a selfie at the iconic blue Boatshed•

Ranked as the hottest selfie spot by Instagram, Perth’s 9-decade-old blue boathouse is the undisputed king of photography in this Western Australian Region. It rivals other photography scenes like Elizabeth Quay, The Bell Tower, and Cathedral Square. 


Blue boathouse Perth


It isn’t uncommon to find hundreds of visitors from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and other Asian countries lined up to take a selfie at this boatshed.

So, if you wish to create viral photos the blue Boatshed would be an ideal destination. 


•Time for a Free Getaway in Perth•

In as much as many people think that they should spend to get a good getaway, that isn’t the case in Perth.

In this city, you will get plenty of high-end places where you can relax, watch beautiful sunsets, swim, fish, or picnic without spending on entry fees. 


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