Looking for Getaway in Perth? Here are some great sugestions!

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13. Mar 2021
Looking for Getaway in Perth? Here are some great sugestions!

Whether you want a weekend away with your family, a romantic outing with your lover or you just want to de-stress in a high-end spa, Perth will never frustrate you.

The city has something for everyone. Nevertheless, the problem sets in when narrowing down to the most perfect destination. 

The multiple options will make you feel jumbled, more especially if you lack a specific destination in mind. To save you from stress, this resource highlights some respected retreats that will live you with lasting memories.


Where can I go in Perth this weekend?

There are thousands of fun places to explore in Perth every other weekend.

But, if you got no particular place in mind, here are some great places to spend quality time out with family, friends, or just yourself.

  • Dunsborough beach •

Dunsborough beach Perth, WA

f you want real fun at the beach, filled with great experiences, Dunsborough should top your weekend getaway list.

It has clear, calm waters and pristine beaches, great for swimming, kayaking, and surfing.

The beach is close to other attractions like the Leeuwin-Naturaliste national park and Geographe bay. 


  • Jurien Bay •

Jurien Bay, Perth, WA

This fishing town is home to extensive beaches, limestone reefs, and amazing marine life.

Perth holiday makers flock here for snorkelling, swimming, and fishing.

Its beach is close to Sandy Cape Recreational Park, a campsite for visitors who wish to spend a night out in the wild.

From Jurien Bay, you can access the Turquoise way Trail for biking and Lesueur National Park to connect with nature. 


  • Rottnest Island •

Rottnest Island, Perth, WA

Whether you have an entire weekend or a few hours to while off, there is no better place to spend your time than the Rott.

Its beaches have shallow and calm waters ideal for swimming enthusiasts and spectacular flora and wildlife to view.

If you've already got plenty of water fun, you can go cycling or stroll at the island's cycling paths. 


  • Yagan Square •

Yagan Square Perth, WA

Located in the heart of Perth City, Yagan Square will let you have fun, enjoy your favourite meals, shop, and meet friends without going out of the city.

The square has public art, a playground for kids, food outlets, public amphitheatres, native gardens with flowers, and a busy nightlife. 


What is the best area to stay in Perth?

While Perth has several places to stay during your tour, its central business district is the most suitable.

The city is close to important attractions like Kings Park, Swan River, Perth Zoo, Hillarys Boat Harbour, and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. 

From Perth’s commercial centre, you will have easy access to shopping facilities, office complexes, airports, railway station, as well as public transport. But, accommodation within the city may not be the cheapest. 


Where should I go for a short weekend trip?

  • Ferguson Valley •

Ferguson Valley Perth, WA

With renowned wineries, artistic cafes, rolling hills, rich history, meandering streams, and towering trees, there is plenty to do and see at Ferguson Valley during a short weekend.

Since these attractions are just near each other, you won't waste your short weekend travelling to find more fun. 


  • York •

York Perth, WA

York, the oldest town in Western Australia, is a fantastic place for short fun trips.

Why? It has several more attractions per square kilometre than most destinations in Australia.

In this town, you can go for strolls at The Ouse River, or York city walls, view the beautiful sunset from Mount Brown or visit its museums to discover the town's history.


• Dwellingup •

Dwellingup Perth, WA

Approximately 1 hour away from Perth City, the little country town of Dwellingup has plenty to offer.

Hire a kayak and explore the Murray River, or take a nature walk through the Bibbulmun Track.

You can as well go camp at Lane Poole Reserve during the short weekend. Dwellingup is a perfect place to reconnect with nature. 



Where can I go for a weekend away in Australia?


  • Sample exotic cuisines at Darwin, Northern Territory •

Exotic cuisines at Darwin

This tropical city is famous for multicultural food, waterside attractions, outdoor markets, luxury boutiques, and diverse flora and fauna.

With its warm holiday climate, you can visit Darwin anytime, all-year-round.




  • Adelaide Wine Region •

Perth Wine Region

Located between rolling hills to the East and sandy beaches at the west, the Adelaide wine region is home to 18 world-class wine regions.

No wonder it is a leading destination for visitors who love to sample great wines, as they enjoy sweeping views of vast vineyards.

You can combine your wine tasting vacation with a trip to Flinders Ranges, Murray River, and Adelaide sandy beaches.


  • Bruny Island, Tasmania•

Bruny Island, Tasmania

Simply defined, Bruny Island is a haven of natural beauty.

This rustic island has a rich history, abundant wildlife, a vast forest canopy, and stunning beaches.

Your Bruny Island tour wouldn't be complete without visiting the mighty isthmus that splits the island's northern and southern parts. 


  • The Kimberly, WA •

Regarded as one of the isolated areas in Western Australia, the Kimberly comes with unique experiences that you will barely find in any other part of Australia.

It has jaw-dropping rock formations, towering cliffs, peculiar horizontal falls, ancient domes, and spectacular rock art. 


Romantic getaways

Having a romantic getaway is one of the best ways to reconnect.

However, romanticizing your getaway isn’t easy.


You will have to pick a destination that sets the right aura for romance and find creative ways to sweeten your getaway. 

Else, your supposedly romantic getaway will just look like any ordinary trip. If you don't want that to happen, the following ideas will help you plan a successful one.  


What are the top 10 romantic getaways?

While couples can tour any other place together, there are those destinations that present themselves with love.

They have a secluded environment, and they offer plenty of fun activities to keep you two busy.

Looking for such a destination?

There are several options in Perth and the rest of the world. 

1.Rottnest Island, Perth

You cannot talk about a romantic getaway in Perth without mentioning Rottnest Island.

On this island, you can take a sailing cruise with your lover, skydive, or go strolling in the island's isolated tracks.

Rottnest has several picnic sites for your big day and luxury hotels for accommodation.


2. Cottesloe Beach, Perth

From beachside alfresco dining to a diverse range of water activities, Cottesloe beach has everything required to spice your romantic getaway.

Many lovers flock to this beach to catch beautiful sunsets, enjoy kitesurfing, as well as sailing.

The beach is close to romantic resorts of all budgets.

3. Hillarys Boat Harbour, Perth

Hillarys Boat Harbour, Perth

Hillarys Boat Harbour is home to the Aquarium of Western Australia, an underwater world for daredevils.

However, if you aren’t into adventure, you can take a boat and explore the ocean with your lover, stroll along the beach, or catch the dazzling sunset as you take a glass of wine in one of its beachside restaurants.

4. Penguin Island, Perth 

Home to the world’s smallest penguins, this nature reserve offers that beautiful environment you need to relax and reconnect with your lover.

If you love water fun, you can go swimming or snorkelling in the beautiful waters.

As well, you can have a picnic at the island’s trees overlooking the ocean.

5. Margaret River, Perth

The Margaret River region makes an excellent destination for lovers who want a luxury, secluded experience.

It is home to renowned cottages with isolated rooms, providing plenty of private space for couples.

The region enjoys impressive views of the ocean, proximity to respected wineries, and plenty of wildlife to sight.

6. Tasmania, Australia

With the world's cleanest air, a stunning wilderness, and beautiful landscapes, Tasmania is a beautiful spot for a romantic getaway.

You can go hiking at Cradle Mountain National Park, dine at the famous Charlie's dessert restaurant, or take photos at Maria Island.

7. Flinders Ranges, Australia

Flinders Ranges, Australia

With dramatic landscapes to admire, several wildlife species to see, and mazes of walk trails for adventure, Flinders Ranges will help you reconnect and bond with your lover in mysterious ways.

You can spice up your romantic experience by sleeping under the stars during your tour,  tasting wild food, or exploring the Wilpena Pound by flight.

8. Barcelona, Spain

Known for its gastronomy, busy nightlife, and plenty of destinations to explore, Barcelona provides a healthy mix of leisure and romance.

You can visit Tibidabo, a mountain top viewpoint that offers sweeping views of Barcelona, tour the city and admire architectural marvels, or go sample Barcelona's top wines.

9. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is full of romantic things to spice up your relationship.

It is home to some great spas that will help you de-stress, romantic joints where you can dine and wine, and luxurious hotels hidden away in the city’s most romantic settings.

10. Paris, France

Paris, France

Branded as the world's romance capital, Paris will never let you down during your romantic getaway.

It has classic cafes, discreet gardens, world-class spas, and saccharine pastimes.

During your trip, visit The Wall of Love, a mural with 'I Love you' sign written in over 250 languages, take a sunset cruise along the Seine, or wander at Pere Lachaise. 


What can couples do in Perth?

  • Enjoy a Gondola ride at Swan River

You don’t have to travel to Venice to experience the thrill of Gondola rides. Instead, you can just get to Elizabeth Quay, book a Gondola for two, and cruise through the river as you enjoy beautiful views.

  • Enjoy wine directly from the source

Love experts say that couples who drink wine together have a likelihood of sticking together happily.

If that’s true, then it is time to visit one of Perth’s wineries, take a glass of wine as you enjoy spectacular views of the winery’s beautiful vineyards.

  • Take a snap at Perth’s most photographed spot

Snaps are a great way to keep your love memories.

So, if you don't want to lose track of your love story, get to The Crawley Edge Boatshed, Perth's most photographed area, and share it with the world.

  • Take a walk in Kings Park

You don’t have to spend to gratify your loved one.

Instead, you can create time, take a stroll in Kings park, as you flirt, and share your feelings.

To enhance your experience, surprise your lover with a romantic dinner treat on Kings Park's picnic sites as you enjoy the charming views of Swan River.

  • Go swim, surf, trek, and enjoy beautiful sunsets at the beach.

Perth is home to several stretches of pristine beaches where you can go swimming, surfing, boating, and fishing.

After a day of swimming, you can go wine and dine at the beachside cafes, or just get a spot to gaze at the beautiful sunsets together. 

Couple surf

How do I make my weekend getaway romantic?

Even a trip to the most romantic destination will just look too normal if you lack the tricks to romanticize it. 

And since nobody would want their much-awaited trip to go south, here are a few tricks to save you.

  • Choose a romantic destination

Before you plan your trip, make sure that the destination has a couple-friendly setting. For instance, the ideal destination should have secluded areas to spend a great time without interruption, and picnic tables for outdoor dining. Crowded areas aren’t ideal for such trips. 

  • Show your love 

Treat your better half with a candlelit dinner, give them a bouquet, hold hands as you walk around, flirt, and do things together.

These loving acts will transform an ordinary tour into a romantic one. 

  • Engage your travel agency

Some travel agencies and hotels will not mind helping you make your getaway more romantic.

For example, they will suggest great destinations, and book you into couple-friendly accommodations. 


Spa Getaways

Perth isn’t just great for vacations, but it has world-class spas where you can pamper yourself with a relaxing massage, a facial, or any other treatment after a busy week.

But, since not all spas will guarantee you the best experience, we’ve narrowed to some that offer an array of wellness programs and award-winning customer care. 

Spa getaway, Perth, WA

Where can I go for a spa getaway in Perth?

  • Bodhi J Day Spa

Bodhi J Day Spa focuses on holistic treatments that give a sense of inner peace, instead of mere massage and relaxation procedures.

They also offer yoga classes, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, Sodashi skincare, and sound healing.

  • Como Shambhala Urban Escape

Finished with natural wood and stone, this spa will give you a relaxed feeling just as you set your feet into the facility.

Here, clients are treated to a foot soak and scrub, full body massage, facial treatment, back massage, and express treatments.

  • Onyesha Spa

Onyesha spa’s traditional-style spa rooms offer perfect views of the rainforest, garden, and lake nearby.

Here, you can book a facial, foot & hand scraping, full body massage, pedicure, body wrap, and exfoliation.

  • Annasha Day Spa

Tucked away in Perth Hills, this spa gives a quality escape without long drives. It specializes in salt exfoliation, Sodashi facial, and Swedish massage.

It has a relaxation lounge where you can pass your time sipping a glass of your favourite refreshment after a long session. 


What is included in spa getaway packages?

Each spa includes various services in their packages.

Some offer fundamental services like massage, facials, feet scrubbing, exfoliation, waxing, and body wraps. Other spas may offer extra services like diet, yoga, physical fitness, and Tai Chi coaching. 

So, before you pay for any spa package, ask your service provider to disclose the treatments included in their packages.

Afterwards, get a package that makes the most sense for your wellness goals and budget. 

Spa masage, Perth

How do you find a good spa getaway?

Frankly, spas aren’t created equal. Some will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated, and others will make you feel like you lost your money.

If you wish to avoid the latter type, here are essential ideas to consider before booking.

  • Think about what you want

Before booking, make sure that the spa you are eyeing offers the specific service you want. For instance, if you want a full body massage, make sure that the spa offers the service.

If you are looking to establish a longtime relationship with a spa, look around for one specializing in all spa services. That way, you will be getting all services from one provider. 

  • Check if the spa has enough supportive amenities.

Besides the spa room, great spas should have all the amenities you would need while enjoying your spa session.

Some of those you should consider are changing rooms, lockers, relaxation rooms, showers, and fitness rooms.

  • Budget factor

The cost of spa services varies from Spa to Spa. Some are costly, and others are relatively affordable.

That said, you should take ample time looking around for a spa that offers the services you need at an affordable cost.

  • Check the spa’s reviews

Before booking, take some time to read what others have to say about the spa you are eyeing.

As a rule of thumb, go for spas with several positive reviews and fewer negatives. Lowly-rated spas may not live up to their promise. 


Are all-inclusive spas worth the money?

In an all-inclusive spa, you pay a one-time fee to get a spa treatment, plus all recreational and entertainment services available in the facility.

The worth of such a package will depend on the services included. 

All-inclusive spa


Luxury Getaways

There is no denying that we wouldn't mind throwing some luxury into our getaways, especially when we have a special occasion.

But then again, with so many grand beach resorts, ornate destinations, and safari lodges, you can feel confused about choosing a destination that will offer the highest quality vacation experience.

That doesn’t have to be an issue if you are armed with the list below. 

Romantic getaways

Which luxury resorts in Western Australia are romantic?

  • Inspiration on WedgeTail

The Inspiration on WedgeTail has everything you need to relax and enjoy with your lover. It has stunning ocean views, an indoor swimming pool/spa, and luxury rooms.

If you enjoy playing, the Inspiration on WedgeTail has pool tables, a squash court, and spacious outdoor spaces for you. 

  • The Roozen Residence

Built on a secluded hillside, this beach house brags of luxury bedrooms, strategically built to provide unsurpassed views to the Indian Ocean.

It has outdoor sundecks where you can relax and enjoy the breeze, a fully furnished gourmet kitchen, an airy lounge with a well-positioned telescope, and grassed lawns for outdoor fun.

  • The Berkeley River Lodge

Nestled in a wilderness area that is only accessible by plane or boat, The Berkeley River Lodge offers a perfect escape from everyday life.

It has 20 luxury villas with indescribable ocean views, an open-air ensuite, and a 20-meter lap pool.

You can enjoy boat cruises, fishing excursions, or free walks on inhabited beaches during the day, or take a helicopter to a remote picnic site.


Where to go in Perth for a luxury getaway?

When it comes to luxury getaways, Perth has several offers. But, you will need ample time to evaluate each option and then narrow it down to the most suitable for your getaway.

If you lack that time, here are five that would not disappoint. 

  • Forest Rise Chalets and Lodge

Located in vast woodlands, this award-winning luxury destination offers a serene environment great for lovers who want time away from busy joints.

It has ten private chalets to give each guest the privacy they need. A personal chef and masseuse are on standby to give in-house services on request.

  • Kalamunda Carriages and Three Gums Cottages

Just 20 minutes away from Perth CBD, the Kalamunda Carriages enjoy close proximity to prominent wineries, golf courses, and walk trails.

So, you can pass time playing golf, sampling wines, or just strolling.  As well, you can go while off your day relaxing on the cottage's outdoor rock bath or request a spa session tailored to your needs.

  • Joondalup Resort

You cannot talk about luxury getaways in Perth without mentioning Joondalup Resort. This resort has tennis courts, a heated spa, a British Pub, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium.

Its light-filled luxury rooms are strategic to the Indian Ocean and the resort's vast garden. 

  • Nomadika Perth

If you want a unique setting, Nomadika Perth will not disappoint.

Here, you have the freedom of choosing any spot you want, and the management will set up a bell tent furnished with sparkling lights, a double bed, and floor rugs.


Do luxury getaways include flights?

From booking hotels to insuring your trip, many luxury getaway organizers will include flight tickets in their luxury package.

However, before you embark on your trip, you should always ensure that the flight expenses are covered to avoid disappointments. 


Best luxury retreats with ocean views in Perth?

Ocean view room

Candidly, no luxury beats that of relaxing at a front beach retreat, watching the turquoise waters, white sands, and beautiful sunsets as you enjoy the ocean’s cool breeze.

Right? If you love that vibe, here are some luxury retreats that would give you that charming experience.

  • Mullaloo B&B

Built on Mullaloo beach's foreshores, this luxury hotel offers spectacular views of the Indian Ocean’s clear calm waters, and the beach’s soft white sands. 

You can get all these views from the hotel’s outdoor deck. 

  • Hillarys Harbour Resort

Hillarys Harbour Resort overlooks Sorrento Beach, one of the safest beaches in Perth.

The hotel offers fully serviced apartments, all overlooking the Indian Ocean's blue waters and sandy beaches.

  • Scarborough Beach Front Resort

Built near Scarborough Beach, this beachside hotel offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean’s blue waters just from any room.

Besides the beautiful ocean views, you can catch beautiful sunsets if you settle in your room before dusk. 

  • Sunset on Esplanade

Built on the Scarborough beachside, Sunset on Esplanade boasts of picnic areas overlooking the Indian Ocean.

People flock to this beachside hotel to see the sunset over the Indian Ocean's blue waters. 

  • Sandcastles Beachfront Luxury Retreat Apartment

Situated near Scarborough beach, this luxury retreat apartment has elegant rooms, a spacious garden, and an outdoor pool.

Also, this luxury retreat apartment has private parking and free Wi-Fi. You can enjoy the ocean's views from your balcony. 


Family Getaways

Planning a family getaway can be a real headache. You will struggle to find the most family-friendly destinations and identify fun activities that could help create lasting memories.

The fun you could If you are in that situation, fret not.

Here are the answers to your concerns. 

Family holiday Western Australia

What can families do in Perth?

  • Go biking or strolling at Kings Park and Botanical Gardens

Family cycling in Kings Park

If you are on a budget, and yet you badly want to have a family getaway, then biking or strolling would be an excellent activity to keep you busy.

This free park has mazes of trails where you can enjoy biking as you connect with nature, see various bird species, and get great views of the Perth skyline and Swan River.

  • Have beachside fun

Family beach fun

Perth is blessed with several pristine beaches, and all are located a few minutes drive away from the city centre.

Most beaches have playgrounds for kids, food outlets for refreshments, and picnic sites where you can sit, relax, and reconnect.

You can also swim, snorkel, fish, or just stroll on the sands.

  • Take a tour to the wild

Caversham Wildlife Park

If you are used to parks and beaches, plan a weekend off to the wild. You can visit the Perth Zoo, home to several caged wild animals.

The zoo has picnic sites and playgrounds. Besides Perth Zoo, you can visit other parks like Caversham Wildlife Park, Penguin Island, Matilda Bay Reserve, and Cohunu Koala Park. 

  • Go fishing at Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour Perth, WA

Branded as Perth’s most lively marina, Hillarys Boat Harbour has plenty of exhilarating activities to spice up your getaway experience.

It has dozens of restaurants to dine in, a playground for kids to play, and a safe fishing spot.

You can go scuba diving or casual boating.

  • Get some adventure at Fremantle Prison Tunnel

Prison Tunnel

If you are taking a family of adventurers out, the Fremantle Prison Tunnel will give you that adrenaline rush you love.

This destination has a 1-kilometre tunnel, bores, and holes, 20 meters below the ground. 


Where is the cheapest place for a family holiday?

Ideally, a budget shouldn't be an issue when talking about a family holiday in Perth.

This city has many beaches, parks, art galleries, and public spaces that are entirely free to the public.

You will only need to spend on food and refreshments. One such place is Kings Park. This place houses a botanical garden, history-rich precincts, shaded picnic lawns, and an art gallery. 

However, if you plan to venture out of Australia, Menorca, Spain, would be an ideal destination.

It has several family-friendly resorts for accommodation and picture-perfect locations that charm parents and kids.

It ranks among the cheapest destinations for family holidays. 


What is the best destination for a family holiday?

Family holiday

You don’t have to go outside Perth to enjoy a great family holiday.

You can get one at Rottnest Island, a renowned destination for families in Australia.

It has several beaches to explore, cycling/walking tracks to let you connect with nature, and modern resorts for accommodation.


Where is the best all-inclusive resort for families?

For Western Australia, Perth City has the most all-inclusive resorts for families.

Most of these hotels are a short distance away from the airport, railway station, and bus park.

The resorts are close to shopping centres, health facilities, and government offices.


It Is Time For The Awaited Vacation!

Now that you know where to go for that romantic, luxurious, all-inclusive, or family vacation, plan for one.

It will relieve you from the daily stress, help you reconnect with loved ones, as well as make you more productive. 


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