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1 What is advertised on the website

2 Is the advertising for free?

3 Do you see the classified ads immediately after the addition is made?

4 How long listings is on the site?

5 Why do I need to register to add classified ads?

6 How do I post my classified ad?

7 How to search the listings on

8 Forgot my password, what do I do?

9 How do I report any problems or inaccuracies in active classified ads?

10 Not receiving e-mail notifications from the Perthclassifieds?

11 How do I change my e-mail address?

12 Are my personal information protected?

13 I have received some spam message from other users. What should I do?

14 My ad has been completed. I sold items. What should I do? How do I delete my ad?

15 Are advertisers (buyers and sellers) protected on the site and how?

16 Why is my classified ad, even after 24 h was not published on the site?




Answers to questions



1 website can advertise all that what is within prescribed categories and subcategories.

Offensive and ads that contain links, pornographic content, irritating elements, promoting political parties, personal attitudes, and similar stuff are not allowed to publish.


2 Advertise on Perth Classifieds is totally free. Your ads will remain on our website guaranteed for 30 days, after which you must re-activate, modify or delete your classified ad.


3 Your ad will be visible immediately after being added to the site in a particular category on the top and on the home page of the portal in the "latest buy and sell ads."


4 Listings last a minimum of 30 days from the date of publication. We will delete your ad 15 days after the expiration of this period or if you do not take the required steps: edit ads, ad extension or delete the ad.


5 Registration is required to post ads for many reasons and some of them are: statistics portal, protecting owner from spam control the ads and advertisers in order to prevent violations of Terms.


6 First you need to Sign Up. After Sing Up you need to Sign In, then you go to (Publish your ad for free), choose Category, Ad description, add photos, fill AntiSpam code and Submit your Classified ad.


7 Search ads in Perth Classifieds is very simple. Everything we have in our database can be found by entering the thumbnails in search. If you did not find the ad you're looking for, change the term or check appropriate category listings.


8 If you have forgotten your password, no problem. We will send you the old or new password. You only need to fill in your email address with which you have registered on Perth Classifieds website.


9 Any problem that you notice on our website, or you have anything to suggest, you can will do this by sending an e-mail message via Contact.


10 If you stop receiving our e-mail messages, make sure you check your “Spam” folder. If so, mark them as "Safe" - "secure messages." If it still does not arrive, use the help page.


11 How to change the e-mail address? It's easy. Sign in to your panel, in the "edit email" Enter your old and new email address and then open the message in a new e-mail address to confirm ownership of email address.


12 All your personal data is encrypted, protected and will never be available to third parties. Your email address and phone number will not be published if you yourself do not post in an ad. In this case, we take no responsibility for the spam.


13 Any such attempt needs to be reported to our team.


14 If your ad finished. You sold or purchased successfully, it's time to make your ad deactivated or deleted. Sign in to your account and at the top of site you will find the "My Account". Come in to your account and on the left, select "Edit Ads". Find an ad where you will be offered the option "Delete" or "Edit". Deleting the ads permanently delete the same from the database listings.


15 We mentioned in the privacy policy how we protect your data. If you are not sure how to add an ad on the site, and under what circumstances, read the Instructions for adding ads. When you tell an advertiser, we think the seller who sets the ad for the sale or the customer who placed an ad for purchase but not the visitor to the site who wants to buy something from a vendor without having to register. We only protect data from registered users (personal data entered at registration). This data is stored mostly 30 - 45 days from the date of registration. If after 15 days of the advertiser's ad does not verify the data, the system will automatically delete the data. This means that you will be required to re-register. The data that we have from the visitor IP address, the location of where he came to the site and type of devices and software from which joined the site. The seller and buyer enter into a conversation, agreement and / or contractual relationship through information from ads placed on the site. Perth Classifieds is not responsible for the ignorance and negligence of person / seller (buyer or seller) - (I will have to check the ad, I'm not sure about the accuracy of the information, I will not read the warning on the website, post someone else's pictures, leave false information ... etc.). On the other hand, we cannot protect the owner / seller / buyer from fraud and deception. Fraud or deceit can detect only one who has cheated or deceived. If you happen fraud or deception, the responsibility borne by the seller / buyer and the aggrieved party is required to disclose in writing to us (send id) in order to take the necessary steps - deleting ads, check the data owner and similar.



16 Your ad was not published because you probably spam, or it has a link in the ad, undesirable code, and wrong category or advertise illegal content. Also, will not be published ads that already exist in our database. Also, if within 45 days, delete and re-publish the advertisement in the hope that it will be the first, it will not be published. Pay attention to the expiration of your ad (45) days from the date of publication. You must also know that after every change you made in your ads, is necessary for administrator to approve the change.

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